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The history of Urbanfly begins 20 years ago at the streets of Portugal, by Jose Antonio Teixeira. Having accumulated years of experience in how to make exceptional shoes, Jose Antonio passed the reigns to his son Hugo. It was then, that the successful duo, along with a talented team of young designers, created a modern, high-quality and affordable range of shoes, which did not take long to become talk of the town, both at their country and abroad. Since 2013, Urbanfly collection is available in Greece by Tsilinikos company (, which exclusively offers all the classic and new models of the range, for those that are seeking to jack up their look with an urban chic touch.


Launched in 2003, Mario Donati, is the leader of the in-house brands of Tsilinikos company in men's leather shoes. Dedicated in covering all the needs men have in formal and casual shoes, offering quality and comfort, along with fine craftsmanship and timeless styles, it is one of the best value-for-money brands in the greek market.


This brand is the female counterpart of “Mario Donati” which encapsulates all the values and spirit of Tsilinikos company. With respect to quality, timeless design and value-for-money we give women unique style for their everyday -and night- appearance.


This is the affordable in-house brand of Tsilinikos company dedicated to women fashion shoes.


Produced in Spain, Pi grec is an in-house brand of Tsilinikos company that offers women's shoes of high-quality leather in modern designs, addressing the needs of the urban, up to date fashionistas.


The brand focuses on high quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship without compromising on comfort and appearance. Thus women have the ideal shoes for any situation, whether it is a day in the office or an outing in the evening.


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Brand co-founder, Hugues Didier, fell in love with the richness of African culture and the people of Africa, while working there for a start-up company. Impressed by the fabrics of traditional dresses of African women, he teamed up with his best friend Vulfran, who designed some shoe models for these fabrics. That was the birth of the Panafrica brand. Colorful shoes that vibrate with the spirit of Africa! In order to help the local communities, all the materials and the production of the shoes are made in Africa. In addition, Panafrica has launched a program called #WalkForSchool which for every pair purchased, gives a child all the necessary materials to attend school. That is the brand's commitment to the sustainable development of Africa.


Bringing true British style to life! The idea behind LONDON BROGUES was conceived on a sunny day, under the Italian sky, while gazing at Garda lake. Up until that point, the team behind the success of the brand, was producing shoes of high quality and aesthetics for account of other brands. Armed with a wealth of experience, personal envolvement in every aspect of production and the best materials, they created an affordable, yet high quality brand that combines the British style with cutting edge design.

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