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Our website/e-shop (as well as is a property of “Tsilinikos Aggelos” company with VAT no EL126896733, which is located in 34 Chaimanta Str., Chalandri 15234, Attiki, Greece and by entering and using it you accept without any hesitation the following terms.

In order for us to give you the best possible service, it is important that you, our client, provides us with certain information necessary for the completion of any and all transactions, either when you log in or when you communicate with us, which are secured by us. For your protection we will do whatever is necessary for the privacy of all information provided to us, but details such as your username and password are also under the responsibility of the end user.  

All the information the users provide are given on their own free will and are used by our company in order for us to communicate with our clients (e-mail, newsletter etc) and the procession of their orders. Our company is bound that it will not distribute to another organization or partner or third party in general, information such as e-mail addresses or any other information in general of our users and customers, without their prior consent, unless this is required by law. Please take into consideration that under certain circumstances it is allowed or mandated by law or court order, the collection, use and revelation of personal data wich are collected online, without any prior consent.

Our company gives its registered users the ability to correct or add data and information they have provided during the user sign up process. Unregistered users cannot make any changes after their order is submitted.
To report any problems regarding the function of our website or for any question whatsoever, you can contact us by e-mail at

Our company guarantees the safety of your transactions through our e-shop, whether this refers to personal infoormation (Address, phone number etc) or account information (CCV code etc), which are necessary for all transactions, through its collaboration with EFG Eurobank and the use of the later's payment platform.

We recommend that you read the terms of use in every occasion, in order to be informed for any changes in their content. Our company has the right to proceed to any change of the abovementioned terms, without prior notice to the users.

Tsilinikos company reserves the right to use cookies should that be deemed necessary for the convenience of the users and its own. Cookies are small files (text files), which are sent and stored on the user's device, allowing webpages like our own to function without problems and facilitate the access to repeat users. They do not damage the devices of the users nor do they corrupt any files stored. We use cookies to give you information and for the completion of your orders. Cookies are necessary for the proper and unproblematic function of our site and by using it you concede to it.

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